Featuring Melanin

Polarized Sunglasses

No Gimmicks. No Distortion. No Glare.

The best in protection for your eyes on the water. Electric’s signature melanin-infused polarized lenses block 99.9% of debilitating glare from the water’s surface. They also reduce HEV blue light by 98%, provide superior color contrast and reduce eye fatigue.

Polarized Plus

All the goodness of polarized with the added benefits of hydrophobic coating (a treatment that repels water, sweat and condensation), oleophobic coating (repels oils and dust), flash-mirror coating (an added glare treatment for the best protection from the sun) and anti-reflective coating.

Polarized Mineral Glass

The highest benchmark for polarized. The hand-polished Italian mineral glass is lightweight, scratch resistant and has an anti-reflective coating to reduce reflections off the back of the lens for increased visual contrast. It blocks 99% of the water glare, reduces HEV blue light by 98%, all while providing 100% UV protection.